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America's Healthcare Advocate
Saturday 4-5 pm ET
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America’s Healthcare Advocate is an informative national radio broadcast encompassing the entire healthcare landscape.  We discuss topics and interview prominent medical experts on topics ranging from genomic gene treatment for lung cancer, breast and colon cancers as well as national experts like Doctor Tracy Steven, Chief Cardiologist at the Muriel Kauffman Women’s Heart Center.  The show also tackles issues in the ever changing world of health insurance, specifically the repeal and replace efforts underway in Washington for the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare with legislative leaders like Congressman Paul Ryan and think tank experts like Grace Marie Turner of the Galen Institute.


America’s Healthcare Advocate also fields questions from our listening audience on topics like Medicare coverage, employer sponsored health insurance, individual and family health insurance, the newest programs and models available to consumers, and how to buy cost effective healthcare.


America’s Healthcare Advocate has been on the air for twelve years, and our mission is to educate and inform our audience.