Brilliantly Frugal Brand-Building!

At some point in time, we’re all in the market to effectively build and expand our “brand name”, whether it’s for ourselves (building our name recognition and reputation for a job interview), or your small business (marketing all you offer to the public), or perhaps an organization we’re devoted to (gardening club, sports team, you get the point). Many are under the impression that “effective” marketing and branding are synonymous with “expensive” – not the case! Read on for highly-effective strategies that will get the word out about all you offer at zero cost to you!

  • First step: Blogging! Take all of your knowledge in your area of expertise and start channeling it into a blog. The magic of blogging – and its proven reputation for helping the world beat a path to your door – is legendary. Don’t believe me? Rent “Julie & Julia” from the library and get back to me. Blogging software is free, easy to use and eagerly awaits you on the internet, allowing you to effortlessly put your first entry into the blogosphere within minutes. A paragraph of two will do, but you can make it as long as you wish! I generally update my blog every week or so, but I’ve connected with other bloggers who update their sites on a daily basis – there really are no rules. Hit a website like and get started! Within a few months, you’ll find a marvelous worldwide following that would have been impossible had you kept all of your fabulous thoughts to yourself.
  • Next step: Workshops! Think about the subject matter that you’re most passionate about. What is the topic you constantly find yourself bringing up amongst family, friends, co-workers and strangers on the street? Is it books and movies you love? Cooking? Card tricks? Saving money? Think about offering a workshop in your favorite subject – chances are excellent that you have a dozen nearby locations (high schools, community centers) that have “Continuing Education” classes, and they would love to have you join them as a paid Instructor!
  • Final Step: Put out the Word! Let your local newspapers and magazines know about all that you do. Don’t forget to mention your outstanding blog and workshop schedule! Chances are excellent that your expertise in certain subject matter will interest them for a news piece. Go get ‘em!

Kristen Hagopian is a Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Columnist & Author of Brilliant Frugal Living. She resides in her as-of-yet unfinished fixer upper in Chester County, PA with her husband and kids.  The Kristen Hagopian Show airs on BizTalkRadio and you can find her online and listen on-demand at