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Bucket Strategy Investing

“Bucket Strategy Investing” helps listeners with their most challenging financial issues: managing their money for today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals – all based on the plan called the “Bucket Strategy”!

Investor's Edge

There are a million financial talk show hosts out there all of them can recite chapter and verse of the daily market trends. But, how many will give you a straight forward, no-nonsense opinion as to what trends mean to the average investor? Every day, Gary Kaltbaum brings his 17 years of financial advice to bear to sort it out.

Big Pitch Radio Show

Three perspective businesses seeking investment will have 60 seconds to pitch their business right on the air in efforts to secure an investment from our investment group. They will be on the hot seat where Big Pitch Radio will be asking questions to determine whether or not they meet the criteria for investment. You are going to want to tune in to see if they hit a home run our strike out!

The Ray Lucia Show

Ray Lucia’s experienced input and charismatic nature add to his ability to make the fiscal world of financial, tax, and retirement planning not only easy for the average investor to understand, but interesting as well.

The Big Biz Show

It’s not just your father’s business show! Meet Bob “Sully” Sullivan, long time radio host and one helluva stock picker who happens to be in the business of personal finance and investing with an unmatched ability to deliver bar room style conversation with business flair.

BizTalkNews is Here

BizTV and BizTalkRadio announced the addition of a new top-of-the-hour news product that airs daily from 9:00 am to 5:05 pm EST. 

“We felt there was a void in the marketplace for business news,” said Scott Miller, EVP of BizTV and BizTalkRadio. “There are several great resources for news, but our TV and Radio affiliates wanted a news product that follows the stock market and provides business centered news stories.”

BizTalkNews is a five-minute top-of-the-hour news product that gives affiliates options. Stations can choose to air the entire five minutes or pick the segments they are interested in airing: News Headlines, Market Report/Business Headlines or a segment on Business Stories. “We wanted to give our affiliates the ability to pick and choose to meet the needs of their viewers or listeners,” said Miller. “This gives them an option to air all five minutes, join the feed for the Market Report and Business Headlines or air the Business Stories later in the same hour.”

Independent News Network, a division of The Media Gateway in Little Rock, Arkansas is producing BizTalkNews. “We are excited to partner with BizTV and BizTalkRadio on this new venture,” said Jeff Lyle, President of The Media Gateway. 


About BizTalkRadio

BizTalkRadio is the home for your business. Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner or just managing your family's assets, BizTalkRadio can help.

Small business generated 64% of all new jobs in the last decade.

There are more than 30 million small businesses and 15 million home-based companies in the United States.  BizTalkRadio is the only network committed to original, educational and compelling programming about real people succeeding in business.

BizTalkRadio is dedicated to shows about:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Work-Life Balance

Find the resources you need to manage your money, start your latest venture or grow your business.

Download the media kit here.

New Shows Coming in July


Saturday 8AM - 9AM EST

An informative and unique show that pulls back the curtain on Wall Street. They show you the things other shows won’t. The fees and expenses, the sales charges that are hidden. The way your money can be tied up for years. They tell you what to avoid when making investment decisions, and what to look for as well.


title killer innovations whiteKiller Innovations

Sunday 5PM - 6PM EST

The award winning Killer Innovations, hosted byPhil McKinney, shares the skills and lessons learned from the hosts +30 year career developing award winning products and technologies.  The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.



Refresh Your Wealth

Thursday 7PM - 8PM ESTrefresh

The Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show helps listeners live the American Dream and better build & protect their wealth. Their team has attorneys and CPA's with years of in the field experience who know real estate, retirement planning, tax and legal strategies to help you save and make more money and protect it!

smartlivingSmart Living

Sunday 9AM - 10AM EST

Smart Living is about lifestyle and living well. The show covers home and garden, food and dining, health and fitness, technology, financial health, travel and adventure.

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